DUI Course Online - FAQ

How quickly can the course be completed?

According to Nevada DMV guidelines, all DUI courses must take a student a minimum of 8 hours to complete. However, since you can log onto our course 24 hours a day from any computer with internet access, you can complete the course on your own schedule. You can even take as many breaks as you would like for as long as you like!

How much does the course cost?

This course has a cost of $95, which includes the price of the course, 24-hour access to our course and helpdesk, certificate processing fees, and shipping. Additionally, we offer a price match policy. If you find another online DUI course approved in your state that is cheaper than our class, we'll beat the price for you! You can also take our course on a trial basis where you can complete the entire course up to the final exam without paying!

What payment methods are available?

Our course can be paid for online using check or credit card, over the phone using check or credit card, or through the mail by check or money order. Please do not send cash.

How do I sign up for the course?

Registering for our course is simple and fast! You can click here to register right away. Once you are done filling out your registration, you will have immediate access to our online course and helpdesk. You may also register over the phone at 1-800-569-1574.

Where can I take the course?

Anywhere you like! Since there is no software that needs to be downloaded or installed to take our course, students can log on and complete their course from any computer with internet access anywhere in the world at any time of day or night!

Do I have to finish my course all at once?

We don't expect you to sit and take the entire 8-hour course in one sitting. If you want to, you're more than welcome, but any time you need a break, you can simply log off of the course. Your progress is automatically saved in our database, so whenever you feel like starting up again, just log onto our website and you will pick up right where you left off!

Once I enroll in the course, how can I log in?

If you've already completed your registration, you can use your username and password to log into our course here. If for some reason you have forgotten your username or password, our helpdesk is standing by with support for you as 1-800-569-1574.

Do I have to download anything onto my computer to take your course?

To take our course, you will not be required to download or install any kind of software. If your computer can access the internet, that's all you need! We recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer to take this course, but it runs just as well on all other internet browsers (Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Opera, etc).